Download Policy

Jaguar Studios BFTA download policy any digital pieces are Non-Refundable due to susceptivity of the customer viewing and copping the image to other platforms, once paid for by the consumer the digital is now owned by the customer 

Refund Policy

Jaguar Studios Refund Policy states that any web design or software that is built within its organization is non refundable all art work that is purchased is refundable only if product is damaged before delivery no trade-ins accepted, Jaguar studios is not responsible for 3rd Party organizations system failures for example (,, go-daddy,, eg.)Jaguar studios is a software development company that designs software and paintings, software development and websites is not refundable due to organizations taking websites and software platforms and copying the web interface and software and creating a copy of the website and/or software and requesting a refund, Jaguar studios price off of time and quality of web/software production

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